European Convention on Human Rights

This is your opportunity to engage in independent research, and write an

original piece of work demonstrating your understanding of the broad themes

covered in the Foundations of Human Rights Law course, as well as your

research and writing skills.

Note: to see what  themes have been covered so far in course, please check course outline

Essays should be written in Times New Roman or Garamond, 12-point font with 1.5-line spacing.

 The word count for the essay does NOT include footnotes

The essay must include a bibliography, and must use the OSCOLA referencing system.The word count does not include your bibliography.

Word Limit: 3000 Words

Essay title is lifted from page 4, third paragraph from the top of  Bratza’s “Living instrument” article

Marking scheme – A mark in the range 50-59 will fulfil the following criteria:

offers critical insights and shows some evidence of critical thinking;

shows a good understanding of the major factual and/or theoretical issues

 addresses the relevant literature on the topic; makes  judicious choices of appropriate sources

shows clear evidence of planning in the formulation of the written answer; provides an appropriate conclusion to the textual argument(s).

develops a focused and clear argument and shows, throughout text, examples of a clear train of thought

ESSAY title

“The European Convention on Human Rights is recognised as a ‘dynamic and evolutive instrument’ rather than ”theoretical and illusory”.



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