Ethical issues with social media. (Privacy Risks)

The final writing assignment will be a continuation of the work you’ve done with Assignment 2 – the exploratory process and annotated bibliography related ethics and social media. In this final phase of the research process, you’ll move from exploration of a research question to thesis-driven argument. In your argument, focus especially on the following State of Texas Core Curriculum Outcomes and/or the rubrics assessing them: • Recognize or identify the ethical issues involved and the implications of alternative actions to resolve them. • Examine the ethical values or decisions of others and consider their implications in a broader social context • Evaluate the ethical position, its assumptions, consequences, and any objections to it • Develop, interpret, and express ideas through written, oral and visual communication • Consider different points of view and work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal You concluded Assignment 2 with your tentative thesis. You’ll now have a chance to refine that thesis, revise your research as needed, and develop your thesis in an argumentative essay. Because you are now creating a focused argument, the sources you found for the annotated bibliography may not all transfer to this stage of the process. Some sources may support your more focused claim, and some will have to be abandoned. I expect your research, as well as your writing, to be revised for this essay. You are not limited to the type of claim you may make (e.g., definition, cause, proposal, position paper, evaluation). You can find guidelines for each of these kinds of arguments in Read, Reason, Write. As you draft, follow the strategies for writing arguments in general (Ch. 4), writing the research-supported argument in particular (Ch. 13), as well as the sample MLA essay, pp. 306-315. Format: double-spaced, in standard 12-point font, Times New Roman Length: 1800-2000 words (Not including Works Cited Page) Citations: MLA Formatting Preferred language style US English


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