Essay questions page and a half each Question

nstructions: You are to pick 2 of the 4 essay question’s and type a 1 to 1 and a half page response to each question. You only need to answer 2 questions, If you choose you may do 1 additional question for extra credit. DUE ON November 26, 2018 – This means on my desk, and a copy uploaded to canvas by mid-night. Format: The exam must be formatted in the following way: 12 pt font, the only acceptable font is Times New Roman Do not use Courier New, the body of the essay is to be doubled spaced, with 1 inch margins, The header in the upper left hand side of the page should appear as follows: Name Class (day and Time) My Name Due Date Please retype the question (Single Spaced) and type your answer below it Essay Questions: 1. Analyze the idea of China as a world power in the ancient world, would you agree that this is true? Or would you argue that China was truly only a vast regional power that just happened to occupy a large area of territory? Support your answer from the lecture notes 2. Examine the establishment of the silk roads. How did increased trade along these routes influence the participating societies? Discuss the spread of epidemic diseases along the trade routes. Examine the consequences of these diseases in the Han and Roman empires. 3. Discuss the nature of Islamic tolerance. Compare the theory and practice of tolerance to the popular perception of it today. Discuss the implications of Muhammad’s role as the “seal of the prophets.” What other prophets were considered important in Islam? 4. RGH # 48 What reasons does Hart provide for this ranking of Muhammad as #1 on The 100, do you agree with Hart’s ranking of Muhammad? Reading provided below Preferred language style US English


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