essay in international relations major

we ask that you provide a 3,000-word  6 to 7 pages not include citations, academic essay on the topic below. Your essay must include citations for sources as well as a bibliography. Students can choose between any citation/referencing style they like (MLA, Chicago 16th) but referencing should be consistent in the document.the question is: “Will the spread of democracy solves the problem of war?”A brief backgrounder to get you started with research: This argument revolves around the idea of “Democratic Peace Theory” which has its roots in Immanuel Kant’s “Perpetual Peace”. In contemporary international affairs western states, in particular, the United States, have pursued policies of democracy promotion as a solution to the problem of war. The idea of the Democratic Peace also relies upon the idea of liberal economic policies (free trade) to support democracy promotion. You may want to consider these texts in your research, but you should cite a wider array of sources.This list is just a starting point.M. W. Doyle, “Kant, Liberal Legacies and Foreign Affairs” Philosophy and Foreign Affairs 12 (1983).Christopher Layne, “Kant or Cant: The Myth of Democratic Peace” International Security 19: 2 (1994).Thomas Risse-Kappen, “Democratic Pace – Warlike Democracies? A Social Constructivist Interpretation of the Liberal Argument” European Journal of International Relations 1: 4 (1995).Helen Milner and Keiko Kubota, “Why the Move to Free Trade? Democracy and Trade Policy in Developing Countries” International Organization 59:1 (2005).Political Science


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