Essay about Federal Government

Explain this in one paragraphYour type is authoritarian. Authoritarians want the government to have tremendous power over the economy and personal behaviors–advocating for both strong military and police powers.. You are generally willing to use coercion and the threat of violence to realize your ideals. You may doubt whether economic liberty and personal freedom are practical options in today’s world. And you certainly don’t trust the chaos of free markets. The economy and culture must be centrally planned. Diverse lifestyles or free expression can stand in the way of social order or equity, so you are willing to suspend civil liberties.Explain this in other paragraphChoose to cover this chapter, you must visit a non-traditional mainstream media source and identify whether it leans to the left or the right; or whether the site represents academic viewpoints that are non-partisan (neither left nor right leanings) is a nonpartisan source on current trends in public opinion:http://www.pollingreport.comReal Clear Politics is a source for comparing polling results from several sources. It also aggregates the result from election polls:http://www.realclearpolitics.comExplain this in other paragraphDescribe the difference between liberal and conservative ideologies in American politics. Using one social or demographic group as an example, describe some of the factors that may have shaped the ideological orientation of that particular group.Political Science


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