INSTRUCTIONS: Choose one of the following two sets of questions to answer (A or B). You should answer the questions as completely as possible remembering to elaborate on each part of the question. You must answer the questions thoroughly to receive the maximum amount of points for your essay. Choose only one of the following two question sets:
 A.  FEDERAL COURTS (and California Courts)

Explain the three-tiered structure of the Federal Court System and compare it to the three-tiered structure of the California Court system? What is the purpose and function of each level?
Define and explain the concept of “original jurisdiction” as it relates to the U.S. Supreme Court.  How does it differ from “Judicial Review”?


Describe the Two-Party (political party) system in the United States. Why is it given that name?
On page 477 of the textbook there is a chart explaining the demographics of Congress.  Looking at that data, can you determine if Congress is an accurate representation of the United States as a whole? Why or why not?   Also, if Congress was filled with 80% women instead of men (the opposite of what it is now), would Congress function differently in any way?  Why or why not?


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