The Question:

Write a 2­3 page (double­spaced) reflection paper on your future role in QI/PS as a healthcare

practitioner and/or leader. What do you plan to focus on and why in this arena? Are there concrete

goals that you have? Make sure to describe work you may have already done. You are expected to

link back to the course’s readings and lessons. Citations are expected and do not count in the 2­3




Text: Langley, et al. The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational


Read Chapter 13

Library eReserves

Berwick DM. Era 3 for Medicine and Health Care. JAMA 2016 315(13):1329­1330.

Bodenheimer T and Sinsky C. From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Care of the patient requires care of the

provider. Annals of Family Medicine 2014, vol 12, no 6; 573­576.

Cohen ER, Feinglass J, et al. Cost savings from reduced catheter­related blood stream infections after

simulation­based education for residents in the intensive care units. Sim Healthcare 2010;5:98­102.

Note to the writer:

I’m emergency medicine doctor . I ‘m working in one of the biggest medical city in our city which is

Consisting of 4 hospital and 4 centers. our new emergency department has 83 beds

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