Topic is 

Should employers be able to fire or discipline employees for what they say or do online? Why or why not?

You need do 3 steps,please give me three word files name:W1,W2,W3

W1 — Three sentences: one thesis sentence and two topic or reason sentences. You will not include any quotations in these three statements. 

W2 — Two body paragraphs: each body paragraph will begin with one of the topic sentences you identified in W1. The paragraph that follows the topic sentence will provide support for the statement. 

W3 — A complete four-paragraph essay: an introductory paragraph, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  

W3 should be approximately 750 words in length and include the


 A title, which reflects both the topic and your thesis

 Four (and only four) paragraphs:

o an introductory paragraph that ends with an underlined thesis statement

o two body/support paragraphs that begin with an underlined topic sentence

o a concluding paragraph

At least two authoritative, credible online sources of support, which are cited in the text

and included on a Works Cited or Reference page. The sources must be correctly

formatted using either MLA or APA style.

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