Essay 1

Essay 1: Prompts (POSCI 1 ONLINE)After reading Thomas Paine’s work Common Sense:  Your essay needs to adhere to the following format: Choose One of the prompts below to write your essay 3-4 pgs., 12pt. font, double-spaced with 1in. margins.  In-text citations of reading should follow MLA format.  You do NOT need a work cited page.  Pick ONE of the following Prompts to write your essay.YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS ESSAY BY 11:59PM ON MAY 21.- Explore Thomas Paine’s theory (in “Common Sense”) concerning the idea that mankind is naturally equal and that government should reflect this state of equality.  How strong is Paine’s argument?  Is this a reasonable idea that can be applied in the formation of governments or simply a rhetorical argument with no practical application?OR- Examine the theory of Thomas Paine (in “Common Sense”) in terms of his distinctive understanding of human freedom and the new American government.  How does religion complicate these concerns for Paine in the development of his theory?OR- What do you think is the most significant argument in “Common Sense” concerning Monarchy? Be specific and find evidence in the reading that supporters your position.Political Science


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