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Evaluate current (must be dated between 2010 and the present) writings on a recreational program trend or issue. Students may use a variety of references to gather information including newspapers, magazines, journals, or Internet sources.
Assignment Outline: Use these headings for the paper.
bulletTitle page: This is the first page which includes the class name and number, the title of the paper, student’s name, date and page number. DO NOT PUT THE WORDS TITLE PAGE ON YOU PAPER.bulletIntroduction: This is the purpose or topic of the paper, and it should be considered a brief, concise paragraph or two that summarizes the content of the paper. bulletLiterature Review: This is the main section of the paper and includes information based on paragraphs. Remember paragraphs should have one main idea that is in direct support of the thesis statement. Within each body paragraph, there will be a topic sentence (main idea of the paragraph) and support the idea.  bulletConclusion or Summary: This is the portion of the paper where you will offer concluding or summarizing comments. It is a brief review and tells the reader what the outcome of the paper means.bulletReferences: Any literature used in an analysis must be accurately cited to avoid plagiarism. When quoting or paraphrasing an author’s work, the cited text must be followed by an in-text citation. References are listed alphabetically.
Length: Four (4) double-spaced full pages (including the Title page and References page). 
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