Environmental Assessment Report

Scenario: You are employed as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) / Environmental Protection
Officer with a local government. The Council receives a development application, associated plans
and the relevant application fee for a proposed concrete batching plant. The proposed concrete
batching plant is code assessable development under the local government’s planning scheme
and Council is the Assessment Manager. The Town Planner refers the application to you for
assessment of the potential environmental impacts.
The operation of the proposed concrete batching plant will include:
• An office building which will include an office, staff lunch room, shower and toilet facilities, etc.
• External washing of the trucks. This will be carried out in the truck parking area. Any minor
mechanical repair works of the trucks will also be carried out in this area.
• A front-end loader will move the product from the aggregate bins to the hopper. A conveyor
system will then be used to transfer the material to the chute.
• All equipment and chemicals used during the operation of the facility will be stored in the
storage area.
• A minor refuelling area with an above ground 2000L, diesel storage tank and bowser may be
provided at a later date.
The application also notes that the concrete batching plant will operate from 6am to 6pm Monday
to Saturday and 6am to 4pm on Sundays and public holidays. The application also states that
some excavation work, specifically some cut and fill work of the site may be required.
There are two (2) neighbouring properties to the site. To the north there is a road, to the south
there is a storage facility (i.e. industrial sheds which people use for long-term storage of items).
The land to the east is currently vacant and can only be used for heavy industry in the future. To
the west there is a nature reserve/wetland area. The proposed buildings will be approximately
3.5km from the nearest residential building.
The main access to the site is via Sawmill Road (a State-controlled road). Two (2) entry/exit points
already exist and were approved by the Department of Main Roads several years ago.
You are required to assess the potential environmental impacts associated with the concrete
batching plant. Your detailed assessment will consider potential air, water and land pollutants;
environmental noise, and other environmental protection / management issues. After identifying
the sources of potential pollutants, their characteristics and potential impacts, you are required to
identify suitable methods for managing each potential pollutant. You need to justify your decisions
in the context of the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development, and
relevant legislation.
You then need to develop approval conditions (attach as an appendix) which would ensure
government agencies would have the legal power to control all potential pollutants.
You are then required to write a report which should detail the process you undertook to identify
the potential environmental impacts and appropriate management strategies, your findings in
relation to the application and plans, and an explanation of the draft conditions.
The report must conform to normal academic requirements and must be correctly referenced. It
should be logically structured and the use of headings and sub-headings, diagrams, tables and
appendices is encouraged.
The report should include, but not be limited to, the following topics:
• Introduction (including the purpose of assessing the environmental impacts of proposed
• Body of the report with appropriate headings and sub-headings including:
▪ Methodology (i.e. the process you undertook to assess the application and plans);
▪ Potential pollution issues;
▪ Legislative requirements associated with the identified issues;
▪ If you would require any additional information from the applicants;
▪ A discussion regarding the suitability of the proposed transfer station in relation to
legislative requirements; and
▪ Recommendations including the draft conditions you would place on the approval if issued.
• Conclusion
• Reference list
• Appendices
You will need to reference all relevant sections in each piece of legislation you refer to in your
report. Whilst you may wish to mention relevant building and plumbing legislation, you are not
required to consider the application under this legislation and should not discuss this legislation in
the report.
Note: if you require further information, you are to assume you receive that information and can
then proceed with assessing the application (please note the information requested and the
assumed response in your report or in an appendix to your report).
The information provided in the unit materials, readings and lectures should be expanded through
your independent research, and used to support statements and explanations in the report.
Additional information provided in the application:
• All areas where traffic (staff cars and trucks) will move will be sealed with bitumen or concrete.
• All unsealed areas (i.e. areas with no buildings or traffic movement) will be revegetated.
• An industrial bin will be used to store waste and any other recyclable materials. The bin will be
located outside of the property boundary.
• The stormwater on site will go through an appropriate stormwater storage tank before
discharging to stormwater. The system has been engineered correctly.
• A Hazchem spill kit will be located on site.
• Any future refuelling areas will comply with AS1940.
• No external loud speaker systems will be used on site. There is an external alarm system used
to warn staff to leave the site and gather in the emergency area in case of an emergency on
• The site will be secured at night and a security patrol company will be hired to monitor security
on the premises.
• Sand and aggregate stockpiles will be watered to keep down dust emissions.
• Silos are to be fitted with overfill protection and dust filtration systems

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