environmental analysis of the uk air transportation(aviation)industry

The іndustry prоjeсt will require you to choose a UK industry for research and undertake these main tasks.
(i) You are expected to select an ICB Industry and ICB Super Sector.
(ii) Justify your sector choice on the basis of the significance of the sector to the UK economy.
(iii) Select and justify three LSE listed companies within that ICB Super Sector to analyse.
(iv) You are expected to develop a research question, aim and objectives for the project.
(v) You are required to carry out a detailed external environmental factor (efe) analysis relevant to the chosen sector.
(vi) You⁣ should carry out internal environment factor analysis (ife) and financial performance analysis of the selected industry⁢ and companies respectively. Your analysis would typically include summary financial ratios, non-financial ratios and market linked measures and other information to reach conclusions on performance
(vii) You are required to inter-relate the environmental forces (efe and ife) with the best and worst performing company in your selection. You should indicate how well or how badly the company has taken advantage of opportunities or dealt with threats evident within the industry.
(viii) You will be expected to make recommendations of improving the performance of the worst performing company (ies)firm performance


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