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Task 1 requires that you undertake an Environmental Risk Assessment of the resource use in your work area. List all existing and potential environmental risks and based on this risk assessment prioritize the potential environmental risks. Include the following in your report:


a) Identify any environmental legislation and/or regulations governing your workplace.
b) Assess the procedures in place for assessing compliance with the legislation and regulations.
c) Collect information on your current systems and assess whether this would be useful to your workgroup.
d) Create a list of resources used and risks present and priorities these according to where improvements are needed.
e) Measure and document resource use by your workgroup for major resources.
f) Analyze your current purchasing strategies, establish where improvements could be made.
g) Make recommendations on areas where improvements could be made. Use information and data to back up your recommendations.
Reference any information you use for your Assessor. Environment Assignment Help


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