Enterprise Development – Business model consultation

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Word count:
2000, excluding title page, exec summary, table of contents and references


You are a business advisor who is asked to consult with a client on starting a business

Learning objectives addressed

LO1: Critically evaluate the strategic role of entrepreneurship in how firms start, grow and decline
LO4: Communicate effectively in a variety of professional and business contexts


Put yourself into the role of business consultant. A client asks you to advise them whether or not to go into business for themselves. They have never owned or operated a business before. Their career has reached a plateau and they are looking for a new challenge. You agree to write a report for them based on the knowledge you have gained while studying Enterprise Development at University.


Based on ALL course material we have studied thus far, write a report that does the following:

  1. Compare and contrast different business models of entry into entrepreneurship
  2. Choose one of these models to describe in more detail, considering the advantages it might offer a new entrepreneur wishing to start a business. Use case examples persuasively, to illustrate the model and it’s advantages
  3. Justify your chosen business model using relevant case examples
    These case examples could be from the textbook, cases on Stream or you may wish to research other cases to illustrate.

Report format

Title page
Executive summary
Section 1: Introduction (set the stage)
Section 2: Compare and contrast different business models
Section 3: Choose one to illustrate in more detail, describing advantages Section 4: Justify your choice to recommend this business model Conclusion

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