English(please see the instruction)

Mark the attached reading—an essay from The New Yorker magazine by New York chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain—in the following ways (either on a hard copy or left as a pdf):

1) highlight what you see as the most important/most effective sentence in each paragraph
2) circle any words of which you do NOT have a strong sense of their meaning or usage (words that you would probably have to look up in a dictionary)
3) draw an asterisk (*) next to what you consider to be the thesis, and a double asterisk (**) next to what you see as the possible restatement of the thesis in the essay’s conclusion (if you think there is a thesis restatement)
4) list what you think are the essay’s 10 most descriptive words (adjectives, adverbs)
5) list what you think are the essay’s 10 strongest verbs

Once you have successfully marked the essay, write a paragraph (something like 5-7 well developed paragraphs) that answers the following prompt:

If you think that Bourdain’s essay is an example of “good” writing, then what is the single most important reason why you think it is “good.” If you think it is an example of “bad” writing, however, then what is the single most important reason why you think it is “bad?”

In order to have a chance at receiving the full points for this week’s Paper Development Activity, please turn in BOTH the marked essay (either a scan/photo of your hard copy or a pdf) in the dropbox.

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