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Choose a paper you have already written for this class—it does not need to have a grade on it yet, if you would like to use your 5th analytical essay—and revise it with research.
You need only turn in the Revised Final draft—I will already have a copy of the original through Blackboard.
You may add to this essay with any texts assigned throughout this semester.
For example: if you wanted to revise your Analytical Essay #2 and you chose prompt D—perhaps you want to revise it to include selections from Postcolonial Love Poem, a text we had not read yet at the time of Analytical Essay #2.
You must include in the title or subtitle of the essay that you turn in that this is the “Final Revision of Analytical Essay #__” and then you fill in the blank with the essay number and the letter of the prompt you’ve selected.
This could look like “Final Revision of Analytical Essay #3D: The Ocean IS Theory”.
You must provide at least 3 outside academic sources.
If you have access to an Indigenous source, such as an elder or Story, you may site them in lieu of 1 of the academic sources. You would site them as an interview for MLA purposes. Remember when and where as best you can—how am I going to know or check? I’m not going to phone your aunties.
You may utilize any texts I’ve assigned, BUT texts I’ve assigned are not “outside sources”.
For the cases of Native Voices… and of An Indigenous Peoples’ History… and other texts that we have not read or listened to all of: I will allow you to count the sections of those texts that I did not assign in class to count as an “outside source”.
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