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Provide a written response of approximately 300 to 500 words in response to the ethical scenario provided.  Respond in full sentences using proper paragraphing and include the following:
1) A summary of the situation in your own words
2) The ethical dilemma it represents
3) Your personal response on a preferred course of action, and
4) The reasoning used to justify this course of action
Use the following questions to shape your writing:
1. What ethical framework did you use to shape your response?
2. What personal ideals shaped the ethical decision FOR YOU?
3. What obligations and consequences impacted your decision?
4. Does your response complement ASET Ethical guidelines? If so, how?
5. Would you take this approach with all ethical scenarios you face, or just this one? Explain why or why not.
This is a professional document and should be written in a formal tone; however, you may use the first person (“I”) and personal arguments.
Organize your response into single-spaced text (with no first-line indent as is reflected in this document) to signal each new paragraph.
Use 12-point Times New Roman font
Refer to the assignment’s marking rubric on attachment
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