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 Begin with a rhetorical tool (such as an anecdote, statistic, or interesting fact) on the subject.  Follow with the thesis—the theme you see in the article.   Write other paragraphs on the text of the article noting key rhetorical tools, such as comparison/contrast, scenarios, examples, allusions, authoritative references, metaphors, facts, statistics, and analogies made by the author.  Explain how each is used.    Then discuss the subtext of the article.  What does the author suggest or hint at?  What clues show bias and opinion?  How do the rhetoric and tone support or detract from his case?  Again, use examples to illustrate. Finally, assess the cultural context of the writing. Has the culture changed since the article came out? Is the author’s point culturally relevant? Close with a paragraph that evaluates the author’s job as a culture critic.  Has he or she been fair?  Analyze how well the author presents and supports the thesis, and express whether this author presents a fair case


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