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 Question 1 – Claude McKay Biography 
How does an intersectional approach complicate traditional understanding of the Harlem Renaissance? Think about how you thought of the Harlem Renaissance before this class so what was your depiction of the homerun and from what was your understanding of it what is your understanding of it before coming into this course?
Question 2 – If We Must Die 
Who do you think the audience for the poem is? Who you think the “we” is referring to? Do you think that the “we” means something different in each particular line? Who exactly is the common foe and why does the tone change there? Why is there so much emphasis on the we?
Question 3 – The Lynching 
How was gender represented in the poem how are men and women characterize?
What are some similarities and differences in the way that McKay is portraying them?
Question 4 – Harlem Shadows 
What are some similarities and differences between if we must die in Harlem shadows? do you see any changes between McKays poetry in 1919 and his poetry in 1922? Compare and Contrast.
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