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For your first essay, you will need to write at least 500 words in APA formatting about a nursing theory. There are several theories for nursing practice. Some of these theories include culture care, environmental nursing, interpersonal nursing, self-care nursing, or need theory. There are other theories as well, so you are free to choose whichever theory you like! In this essay, you will write about this nursing theory by describing the theory and how it would help you become a better nurse. You will need to use at least one source for this paper since you will be finding information on this theory from outside sources.

  • APA formatting
    • cover page
    • no abstract needed
    • Times New Roman, 12 point font
    • double-spacing
    • reference page with your one source in proper APA formatting
  • 500 words
  • a strong thesis statement that conveys the purpose of your essay
  • original writing with NO PLAGIARISM
  • subject to late work policy
  • must submit through Canvas, no emails or Google drive file shares
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