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 1Q: Assume you work at a large project management firm and this quarter five new projects have been proposed as candidates to add to the company’s project portfolio. currently the company already has ten active projects in its portfolio and you’re of the opinion that current resources, manpower and materials, are already being stretched. what will you do with these five additional project proposals? how will you determine if something should be added, deleted or shelved in the portfolio? (hint: this is a complex question and you may need more than two paragraphs to explain you reasoning.)
Profile on dr. elattuvalapil sreedharan (p. 117-118) calls him a rock star.  while this is certainly high praise, it is also just an opinion, or is it?  evaluate his profile for yourself and contrast and compare his accomplishments with what you envision competent project manager should be like.  are his accomplishments really impressive or perhaps, is it that he seems impressive because the people he is being compared with are simply not good at their job?  what do you think?  (i don’t care what you actually think i just want you to convince me that you can develop a cogent argument with in text citations and references for whatever position you take.)
All the answers question 1 and 2 should be in APA 6th edition with references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero.
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