ENG221 WK10 ASS 6

 Speech Assignment:  

 Follow the speech plan action steps to select your topic and prepare a eight to ten minute speech in which you attempt to change audience belief. Your instructor will announce the time limit and other parameters for this assignment.  
 Criteria for evaluation include all the general criteria of topic and purpose, content, organization, and presentation, but special emphasis will be placed on the primary persuasive criteria of how well the speech’s specific goal was adapted to the audience’s initial attitude toward the topic, the soundness of the reasons, the evidence cited in support of them, and the credibility of the arguments. 
 Use the Persuasive Speech Evaluation Checklist (Figure 17.4) to critique yourself as you practice your speech.  
 Prior to presenting your speech, prepare a complete sentence outline and source list (bibliography). If you have used Speech Builder Express to complete the action step activities online, you will be able to print out a copy of your completed outline and source list. Also, prepare a written plan for adapting your speech to the audience. Your adaptation plan should address the following issues:

How does your goal adapt to whether your prevailing audience attitude is in favor, no opinion, or opposed?
What reasons will you use, and how will the organizational pattern you select fit your topic and audience?
How will you establish your credibility with this audience?
How will you motivate your audience?
How you will organize your reasons?

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