Energy and the Environment

Energy and the Environment
1) What are the 3 main problems with PEM fuel Cells? (150 words )
2) What factors determine aerodynamic drag? (150 words )
3) List and discuss 5 drawbacks of electric vehicles. (200 words )
4) One way to improve vehicle efficiency is to reduce weight by using composite materials. Discuss how this affects the crashworthiness of a vehicle. (200 words)
5) A big transport company operates 200 diesel operated trucks. Diesel fuel accounts for 95 % of the company’s total energy consumption. The company identified that improving the fuel efficiency of the trucks will result in a significant energy saving opportunity. The company aims to change 20 % of the trucks with hybrid electric drivetrains trucks, aiming in a reduction of fuel consumption from 28 l/ 100 km to 23 l/ 100 km. Each truck travels 85, 000 km /year on average. The company’s net one-off investment is estimated to be $4 million. Assuming a cost of diesel fuel to be $1.5/ litre, what will be the simple payback period, and the reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas emission per year of the proposed investment? And discuss on the likely hood of implementing this energy saving opportunity. Suggest also other possible energy saving opportunities, which may require less capital investment.
(show all working + 250 words)

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