Employment and Labor Relations Presentation – Nancy Carol ONLY

Class:  HCS/545 Health Law and Ethics


Employment and Labor Relations Presentation


Employment Scenarios


As a team, review the assigned employment scenario. Prepare a 12- to 15-minute formal proposal for the hospital executive committee in which you address the following items. Prepare a 1-page abstract of your proposal to hand out to the committee for review during your informal presentation. Include detailed speaker notes.


·         Introduction – my portion

·         Background Information


o   Describe the situation

o   Identify and explain the law that applies to the situation.


·         Part I – Problem Resolution


o   Explain how you would apply the law to handle this situation.


·         Part II – Prospective Risk Management


o   Identify and describe strategies you could adopt to limit legal risk in this area in the future.

·         Conclusion – my portion


·         Be prepared to address any questions the committee may have.


Team Chooses Scenario B


One of the full-time nurses, Sammie, has been staying after her shift and “working off the clock”. She wants to help, but keeps complaining to her coworkers about all the free time she is donating to the hospital. After several months of this, she comes to her manager and complains about working “free overtime”. She says she has been keeping track of her extra hours and that she has put in 200 extra hours over the last 6 months.


Another employee, Marissa, has been working mandatory overtime 7 days a week. She has been properly paid for her extra time, but is complaining of “burnout” from all the shifts. The manager ignores her complaints because she needs to keep staffing levels up. A few weeks later, the employee comes in and quits, right as the department census is going up.


The manager comes to you as the executive administrator to determine what to do.

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