Emerging Markets

This module is assessed by Coursework and Examination. Coursework will be in the form of a written assignment of 2000 words to be submitted during term (70%) with the remaining 30% of the Coursework mark being allocated on the basis of your participation in class based discussions.

At the end of the module you will sit one final 135 minute exam during the University exam period.


Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria are descriptions of the skills, knowledge or attributes you need to demonstrate in order to complete an assessment successfully and Grade-Related Criteria are descriptions of the skills, knowledge or attributes you need to demonstrate to achieve a certain grade or mark in an assessment. Assessment Criteria and Grade- Related Criteria for module assessments will be made available to you prior to an assessment taking place. More information will be available in the UG Assessment Handbook and from the module leader.

Feedback on assessment

Following an assessment, you will be given your marks and feedback in line with the University‚Äôs Assessment Regulations and Policy. More information on the timing and type of feedback that will be provided for each assessment will be available from the module leader.

Assessment Regulations

The Pass mark for the module is 40%. Any minimum qualifying marks for specific assessments are listed in the table above. The weighting of the different components can also be found above. The Programme Specification contains information on what happens if you fail an assessment component or the module.


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