Elizabeth Cady Stanton Solitude of Self Analysis

Solitude of Self Elizabeth Cady Stanton Solitude of Self speech addressed the equality and rights of women in the United States. She felt as though women should have the right to choose whatever path they wanted no matter what the circumstances were. Stanton illustrated that, in order for women to be considered as participating citizens of our country, the boundaries of what women can do had to be omitted. Women were entitled to the same equalities as men because throughout the darkest situations gender doesn’t change the feelings and emotional damage that an individual goes through.
Stanton explained how there is no difference between men and women, humans were created with the same natural rights. The fact that men have no restrictions and can pursue whatever they wanted, puts women at a disadvantage. Men had the basic necessities to protect themselves in which women lacked. Stanton illustrates this when she says, “In fitting out an army, we give each soldier his own knapsack, arms, powder, his blanket, cup, knife, fork and spoon.
We provide alike for all their individual necessities; then each man bears his own burden. ” In this quote, Stanton was making reference to how a man in the army gets equipped with the basic necessities and skills to survive; but women do not get the basic necessities in life to survive on their own. The law in our country made women to dependent on men and she just want women to be able to be independent without barriers.

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