Elementary Statistics Project

Elementary Statistics Project Recall the definition of Statistics: Statistics is the science of conducting studies to collect, organizes, summarize, analyze, and draw conclusions from data.

1. Your sample: 45 XYZ students from the Browslake Campus where someone went and asked students sitting in the A and B courtyards as well as the new cafeteria including the open area in front of the cafeteria. State the population and decide if your sample is representative of the population. State your reasons for your response. This will be placed in your summary. Four questions were asked to the 45 students, responses are on the Excel file that is attached.

2. Find central tendencies and measures of positions of the raw data using Excel. Specifically:

a.) Find the mean, standard deviation of sample, variance of sample, and mode, of each quantitative data set.

b.) Find the five number summary of the continuous quantitative data set only. **This information can be found in chapter 2** (I will send PDF files of the required chapters for this project)

3. Make frequency distributions (tables) for each data set. (Remember frequency distributions are frequency tables). Create a grouped frequency distribution with 5 classes, you must follow the rules. You will have 3 frequency distributions (one categorical, one grouped, one ungrouped). Place them on your Excel Spreadsheet. Also Make a contingency table on the opinion question using the opinion answers and gender. **This information can be found in chapter 2 and contingency table in chapter 11**

4. Make graphs for each frequency distribution using Excel graphs. Specifically make a pie chart and pareto chart for the categorical data set. Make a relative frequency polygon for the continuous data set. Make a relative frequency histogram for the continuous data set. Make a frequency histogram for the discrete data set. **This information can be found in chapter 2**

5. Make 3 claims (These claims are in sentence form): a. (Goodness of fit (chpt 11) claim for the categorical data, b. ?claim (chpt 9) for discrete data,

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