Elections assignment

Last week, we discussed how researchers can use social media to understand collective societal perceptions. This assignment is created to put to use our understanding of how to use social media engagement as cultural and critical research. For this assignment, our “research question” is, “According to social media, how do people feel about the 2020 election results?”Following the outcome of the 2020 election, please take a look at a social media platform of your choice (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc). Please answer the following questionsWhat are the comments being shared on social media?use at least 10 examples (tweets, statuses, or memes) (must add verbiage from the tweets and statuses to the assignment)explain what each tweet, status or meme mean?Are people reposting news articles?what are some of the political messages in the articles?where are people getting their articles? (must provide a link on your assignment)Given the tweets, articles, memes, videos, and statuses you’ve seen–how would you summarize the overall sentiments of the 2020 election based on your observationGuidelinesMust supply links to articles and videos you’ve used on a reference page (using APA format)Assignment should be at least 1 1/2 pages12 pt font sizePolitical Science


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