Effective Management and Adaptation to Organization Change

Apply Tichy’s approach to the same organization you selected and used for the assignment
Next, research how organizations have implemented various approaches to handle change.
Interpret how the change initiative could help the organization maximize its future success
Total references 9 Total pages 9
1. Apply Tichy`s “TCP” theory approach to Change Initiatives for attached paper (organization paper attached) (3 References)
a. -Technical – including activities and elements that serve to production operations and solving the associated problems.
b. – Cultural – concerning the components of the organizational culture and the dominant ideology.
c. – Political – encompassing practices and activities aiming to sharing power in the organization.

2. Discussion on How Two Organizations Implemented Approaches to Manage Change (3 references)

a. Identify and describe steps each organization implemented
b. Results achieved by each organization

3. Interpret and Discuss how Change Initiatives Help Organizations Maximize Future Success (3 References)

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