• Effect of Foster Care on Childhood Development

-1.Main SCHOLARLY Research Study Article (MUST BE SCHOLARLY, IF NOT ASSIGNMENT DOES NOT COUNT) -At least 4 other similar SCHOLARLY Research Study articles supporting your idea and main SCHOLARLY Research Study article. -Please include Work Cited Page Purpose of this assignment is to critique, question, and evaluate a scholarly journal article. The learning goal of this activity is two-fold: to develop your evaluative thinking skills and your exposure to original research. Evaluative thinking entails critical analysis of your subject matter, such as the pros and cons of an issue or strengths and weaknesses of a program. Your paper should be question-driven. You can create such a paper by following a path of inquiry. At the conclusion of your paper, many questions may remain unanswered; your results may disprove your hypothesis, or point to the need for further research. (This is okay, even desirable.) Psychology entails the ability to tolerate ambiguity. To begin, choose a topic. Determine what age group you wish to investigate, and which aspect of development (physical, intellectual, social or emotional) upon which you will focus.1. What was the primary research question being investigated? 2. How was the research question examined? (This is, what methods and measurement tools were used?) You are not expected to interpret or understand sophisticated statistics. 3. Contemplate the research subjects. Who were the participants? Is the research population diversified in terms of socio-economic status, ethnicity, age, lifestyle and gender? Should the population have been diversified, or not, in light of the research question being investigated? Did you find evidence of ethical standards violations? 4. What interpretations were made of the findings? Was there sufficient evidence to support the conclusions? Did you find examples of bias or faculty reasoning in the article? Provide your ideas about what the article claims. 5. What are the practical implications of the research? Do the results provide information that is usable or useful? 6. If further research were done on your topic, what would you like to see explored in greater detail? What are you still thinking about? Did anything surprise you? 7. Where do you think researchers could have done a better job as social scientists? Where do you think the researchers did an excellent job? Assessment Criteria: Papers of the highest quality in this assignment will include the following: Questions outlined above are answered clearly and precisely, with detail and/or examples to support each point appropriately. The main issue and purpose are clearly stated. A clear connection between the information used and the author’s main issue is drawn. The author’s use of information is made clear. The concepts being used are made clear. The implications actually follow from the conclusions, or any fallacies in the author’s reasoning about the implications are clearly described. The point of view and the author’s assumptions are clearly stated. The assumptions described are all inclusive. In other words, the student writer has clearly and completely stated all the assumptions on which the author has based his reasoning. The importance of the issue is clearly stated and well thought through, and supported with implications which accurately follow from conclusions. Problems regarding the author’s reasoning are clearly and accurately stated. All potential problems with the author’s reasoning are included. Preferred language style US English


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