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Critically evaluate recent research evidence of risk to aspects of child development associated with sending infants to daycare centres (rather than being cared for at home by mothers).

– A major source of evidence for your essay will be Jay Belsky’s work and the NICHD longitudinal Study of Early Child Care, including the most recent publications from this huge, long term research project. Also look for other studies (e.g. EPPSE; National Evaluation of Sure Start; Growing up in Scotland GUS). 

– Be specific about exactly what are the risks that have been identified 

– You’ll need to consider different aspects of development (e.g. social and cognitive). 

– Have any benefits of non-maternal care been identified? In what circumstances? 

– This is a complex, nuanced field of research and findings are not clear cut. Make sure you consider some of the factors that might mitigate any identified risks of non-maternal care.

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