ECT portfolio: Work motivation and frustration

Each student needs to prepare an ECT portfolio (Explain, conclude, think) of 1,500 words. 


The three portfolio tasks address the scenario ‘work motivation and frustration’, which will be made available separately. The main character in this scenario is named Chris.

(1) Explain the issues around work motivation and frustration that Chris experiences (diagnostics: 500 words). In this section, you need to make use of theoretical models and concepts as well as empirical evidence from the research literature. 

(2) Based on your literature-informed discussion of the problems, offer conclusions as to what could be done to positively influence Chris’ motivation (action plan: 500 words). In this section, you need to present specific and realistic practical recommendations. 

(3) If you knew Chris’ gender, ethnic background and age, would your practical recommendations be different or not? Discuss why this is the case (reflection: 500 words).

Note: The first two tasks require an ‘identity-blind’ approach to individual differences (e.g., Konrad & Linnehan, 1995), because the scenario doesn’t contain any information about demographic variables. Start the third task stating briefly which gender group you believe Chris belongs to, which ethnic background Chris may have, and what may be Chris’ age. With this information, you are able to follow an identity-conscious approach (e.g., Stevens, Plaut, & Sanchez-Burks, 2008).

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