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The City of Adel is embarking on a long-standing promise to build a state-of-the-art recreational complex. The complex will include a 3,000+ sq ft concession stand/bathroom building; six baseball fields; two tee-ball fields; and associated infrastructure ( article). The project seems more than reasonable due to the wear and tear on the aging Masse Post Road Recreational Complex which hosts a high demand for youth state baseball and softball championships. The City planned the building of the site as part of its “Plan First” presentation given back in 2016. Successive years of SPLOST dollars have given way to building the project to the tune of $5,084,400 dollars – – all from SPLOST collections designated for recreation (
Other projects are conspicuously absent from the news and media. There is development of a partnership with a wood-chip factory underway which was also planned as far back as 2016. The plant would utilize a “high load factor” for city owned utilities – becoming a great source of city revenue. Reportedly, the city outbid Georgia Power Company for the piece of business, but has only offered tax incentives for the plant locating to Adel. No definite plans exist (that I can find), but the rumor mill suggests the city may offer upgraded infrastructure (roads, sewer, etc) to cater to the plant in the form of CIP’s. As a city employee, I think to opportunity for vastly improved city revenues is exciting, but some citizens may push back as the funds fatten the government coffers and may not readily be redistributed.
Sources: Accessed via the Web 9/30/20.
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