ECO 610 Final Project Milestone

Professionals working in areas of finance and economics combine understanding of the business and management issues related to the real-world activities of public and private entities worldwide, with a sound knowledge of macroeconomic theory and policy tools, and technical skills. They are frequently asked to interpret data to draw research-based conclusions regarding activities of the firms they manage, in relation to broader macroeconomic phenomena. In your final project, students will develop the ability to understand how economy-wide or regional economic forces affect decisions of senior business management officials in the private sector. Use as the US company for this term paper Prompt: For Milestone Three of your final project, you will identify and analyze implications of macroeconomic variables for your chosen firm over the next five years using the research conducted for Milestone Two. You will have to identify factors requiring planning for business contingencies given the operational features of the firm and the operational features of the industry to which the firm belongs. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

III. Implications of Government Fiscal and Monetary Policies on Firm’s Business

a. Apply your analysis of macroeconomic data and recent policy and policy effectiveness completed in Part II to predict trends in GDP growth, inflation, and interest rates.

b. Identify likely effects of predicted trends on your chosen firm’s operations. In other words, what should managers be especially attentive to, based on your research? Use examples to illustrate your points and back up your argument with research.

c. Based on your conclusions regarding areas of risk that are systematic in origin, describe one or more ways that the firm’s operations may be significantly influenced by shifts in money and capital markets, and government regulation of these.

d. Identify and describe one ongoing policy initiative currently underway that might raise or mitigate systematic risk, if it is successful. Describe the empirical or historical basis of this action, and evaluate the potential effectiveness of this policy. Illustrate the theoretical basis of this action using research. If this action is successful, how will this be beneficial or detrimental to the firm you have selected to review here? Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 4–6 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one- inch margins, and at least two sources cited in APA format. 

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