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For this paper, you will write a proposal for your honors thesis. The purpose of the thesis and the presentation is to demonstrate that you have done or discovered something significant that may make a difference in a particular field or gives others a new way to think about a theory, text, author or process.  Your thesis proposal should address the following according to scholarly conventions in your field.  Not every question will be spelled out in the final version, but you will do well to consider each question as you write and think.
Statement of the Research Problem, Question, or Hypothesis

  • What is the research problem/project, question, or hypothesis?
  • Why are you interested in this area of research?

Context of the Problem, Question, or Hypothesis

  • Based on your current review of the literature, how does the research problem, question, or hypothesis fits in the context of the larger picture of the field?
  • Why is the problem, question, or hypothesis important in light of the state of the discipline in this area?
  • Is there some historical/social/cultural/scientific context that you consider very important for understanding this problem?

Methods and Procedures

  • Describe the basic methods and procedures that you intend to use to address or to solve the problem, question, or hypothesis.
  • Are the methods conventional for your field?

-the appropriate format for your discipline APA
-8-10 pages
-no plagiarism


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