dynamic capabilities and management inovation

From the five papers you have identified, select the one that is of most relevance to your topic and critically review it. The review should take the following form:

· A summary of the paper’s core argument, findings and conclusions. (Guide length: 500 words) (15 marks)

· A critical evaluation of the paper and explanation of why you believe the paper to be most relevant. (Guide length: 1000 words) (45 marks)

Note: I have researched 5 papers in the Open University library and chose “Exploring the Contribution of management innovation to the evolution of dynamic capabilities” .

A bit of Bacground:

The module I am studing in the Open University is called “ Strategic capabilities for technological innovation.”

One of the topics we covered in Block 1 of this module, called “Capabilities” is the Dynamic Capabilities. I chose but wanted to get a better insight of this topic and its relationship with Management Innovation.

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