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Respond to someone else’s post, offering your own analysis of at least 300 words. In doing so, you must cite at least twice from that week’s readings. You may agree, disagree, expand or take the original poster’s analysis in a new direction.What you cannot do, on the other hand, is disrespect others in your posts. I encourage disagreements, so long as they are disagreements about the merits of ideas, and you backup your positions with facts and citations.WEEKS READING:http://static1.squarespace.com/static/567014ec0ab377e17adc4887/t/56b8b91a555986293525957f/1454946588942/disciplineandpunishEDIT.pdfDiscipline and Punish parts One and Two (beginning- 134)DISCUSSION YOU HAVE TO REPLY TO IN 300 WORDS CITING TWO TIMES THE WEEK READING;Short Video:https://www.axios.com/2020-democratic-election-sanders-socialism-425b1dde-8e02-48e6-92cc-6a5af01f1ef7.html (Links to an external site.)I love this video because it relates perfectly to the kind of political theory that we are learning in this course and moreover, throughout the Foucault readings. The video highlights Bernie Sanders’ economic vision of socialism. For philosophers such as Foucault and Althusser, socialism (whether we support it or not) is a model of popular redistribution. Bernie Sanders refers to it as “Democratic Socialism” because according to his thinking, the United States is a “corporate socialist” society. He promotes the word “democratic” referring to the latin-greek root of the word – “demo” which means population. According to Sanders, the American society lives in a corporate socialist system in the sense that large corporations have gotten bailed out crisis after crisis from the banks in 2008 to the auto industry in 2009, to the airlines in 2020; which is the opposite of the capitalist doctrine. This is a model that according to Sanders, prioritizes corporate boards over the popular working class. He also mentions that the concept of government subsidies and exemptions to corporations is also a form of elite socialism as taxpayer money is redistributed to private companies. In practice, Bernie advocates that authentic capitalism would be for the government to let large corporations fail should they be on the brink of bankruptcy. This phenomenon is the factual opposite of our financial system. According to US law, any bank with a net worth reaching or exceeding $250 Billion Dollars, has a legal status known as “too important to the financial system to let fail” (Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act of 2018). This can definitely be interpreted as corporate socialism.We can definitely debate on whether we support Bernie Sanders’ policies or not. I personally don’t but the point isn’t there. The point is that I recognize the authenticity and credibility of his “democratic socialism” theory as it aligns with a doctrine ofpopularredistribution that any dictionary would support. Moreover, it finds support among the philosophies of Foucault, Marx, Althusser, and Trotsky.FORMAT:Doesn’t need any format, just the paragraphs, I will reply to a discussion so its not required only need the text.Political Science


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