Discussion #5: Current Event Discussion 3/26

Do a summary of a news event.The event must be related to countries in Latin America and it must be a current news event.For example, if you do an event on the United States it will not count towards the participation grade.However, if the news event is on US-Latin American relations, then the event does count towards this discussion.Format: The submission should include the: date & title of the news article, news source, and author if listed.Please provide the title of the news article you are referring to & link to the article.This is so that people can read the article for themselves if they are interested in the issue.Content: Briefly, 1 to 2 paragraphs, describe in your own words the event, discuss why you find it interesting, how it relates to Latin American Politics and/or International Relations of Latin America.You may submit up to 2 events at 1 pt each per session, for a total of 2pts. You can also post a comment on a colleague’s event for an additional 1 point. Although I do encourage “Liking,” it does not earn any points.2 EventsPolitical Science


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