Different Size Local and International Businesses

This alleviates It from a local business. It mainly trades In Just en country. An international business is when it has the same shop abroad in many companies with many different customers. An example of this is Tests, Walter and marks and Spence’s. Describe the three different sectors businesses operate in – private public and not for profit – with examples A private sector Is owned by a private person. The mall aim Is to make profit. Owners have 100% authority of making decisions and what they spend their money on. Private sectors usually want to grow to gain profit.
They’re main purpose is to negotiate on services and developing relationships with other businesses to help benefit theirs. For example public limited companies are actually private sectors but are called public because anyone can become a shareholder. Examples of theses are: Cinemas, Banks and supermarkets. A public sector is made up of organizations that are only interested In public services. They are owned by the government and are in the public sector because they are funded through taxis. The organizations are paid for by the general public. The services are the interests of which the public need so therefore are not private.
To name a few there are: Schools, Hospitals, Libraries and Leisure centers. Not for profit is workers who voluntarily work for organizations to help donate/raise money for a cause. The money that’s raised goes to Into a business or the cause that they’re supporting. Their aim is to increase volunteering workers and also increasing fund raising and donations. However they are legally not allowed to benefit from the cause. Explain primary, secondary and tertiary industries – with examples The primary sector of the economy Involves changing natural resources Into primary products.

Primary sector is the industry where the production starts for example raw materials and resources are farmed or extracted from the earth. For instance farming, oil drilling and mining are all examples of primary sector. The secondary sector Is taking raw materials and using them to produce a finished product. For example crisps potatoes are chipped, fried and flavored then packaged. Tertiary sector is industry service for example: Transport, dentists and doctors. It is about providing a service giving the consumers what they want. All three are the process of manufacturing a product. An example Is the meat In a burger.
The cattle are reared that is the primary sector then the secondary sector Is the carcass being butchered ND the meat turned into the burger and lastly the tertiary sector is the consumer buying the product. Ownership can be defined as a fact of being an owner. There are many examples of ownerships for example large business ownership; public limited company and private limited company and of course small business ownership; partnership and sole trader. Limited liability is losing the amount of money that you invested into a company. Therefore the person is not personally responsible for debts of the company.
Unlimited liability is when the person is directly responsible for debts and an potentially lose everything that’s in their name like the house and possessions. Public limited company is owned by stakeholders who buy shares in the stock market. How it works is that each shareholder buys a share and invests their money into the business to expand. Shares can be bought by anyone. The business accounts are sent to the Registrar Companies and are also available to the public. The advantages for this are that banks are more likely to lend money to pal ‘s as they to banks are less of a risk as they are more likely to gain profit and repay.
Another reason is because the Capital can be raised through issuing new share. Lastly there is limited liability for all shareholders. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive to set up and could cost up to EWE,OHO. Anyone can take over and buy the share. Private Limited company is owned by shareholders who must be invited to invest these are mostly friends or family. Each shareholder invests their money into the business and buys their share. However these are not be sold or transferred to anyone else or anyone without the shareholders agreement.
In order to get the certificate of incorporation and the business can begin trading 2 documents have to be sent to the Registrar of companies. The advantages are there is a limited liability for all shareholders. It is also easier to raise Capital. All shareholders gain full control of the business. It’s also a larger business with a higher status. It can be sued as it has its own legal identity. The company can still persist if a member were to die. The cons of this company are that it’s difficult as well as expensive to set up. There’s a specific audience to become a shareholder not anyone can Join and finances are limited.
Independent accountants each year check the accounts. Partnerships feature between 2 to 20 partners approximately. It’s an agreement between partners detailed in the Deed of Partnership. The advantages are that it is easily to set up as its low cost and not much paperwork. The capital is easier to raise and each partner brings specialist skills to the business. The decisions are shared and ideas are easily discussed. The disadvantages are that its unlimited liability and the profits must be shared between partners. If a partner dies or becomes bankrupt the partnership should be dissolved.
Sole trader is owned by one person, small business and may employ others. The advantages are that it’s easy to set up low cost, not much paperwork. The sole trader can make all the decisions and the owner keeps all the profits. All accounts remain private. The disadvantages are that all money has to be raised alone and there is less holidays and there’s also the competition with bigger businesses. A big problem is that it’s hard to get bank loans or finances. What are stakeholders – examples? A stake holder is a party that can affect or be affected as a whole by the business. Takeover. First of all a consumer stakeholder is a person or group with interest in the business. Project stakeholder is an organization with interest in a project. Suppliers give goods for them to trade if there weren’t any goods then the business wouldn’t make any money. Managers are stakeholders who support the organization in achieving and influencing the external and internal business. Employees put their input into the business everyday to make it the best it can be. Some businesses give their employees a survey to make suggestions of how to make their business superior.
Governments show an interest in local businesses and taxation and environmental issues. Also customers as they purchase the goods and their interest to have fine chocolates. Now compare Caduceus to trinity academy. Academy is an international company that is now owned by Kraft Company who took over in 2010. It is the industry second largest business. Caduceus is in 50 other continents worldwide. Academy started in 1924 when John Academy opened a shop in Birmingham on Bull Street. He sold tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. He then partnered with his brother and they expanded the business.
Many years later he retired and passed the business to his sons who continued the legacy and expanded the business for the best. They launched the new product Academy cocoa essence. After huge success they moved too bigger estate. The purpose is to make profit and sell fine chocolates with a unique taste and enjoyable for anyone. The whole point was for everyone to be able to purchase. Academy wan to be worldwide and have many clients from all over they want to expand Academy as a brand introducing it to new places. This links with their first aim as that is the result.
They want to be an ongoing company and surviving in the market against other chocolate businesses like Thorn’s chocolate. They want to improve the quality of their sweets to attract more customers. They also want to expand their external customers by advertising about coming fair trade which attracts a lot of attention by the public. Caduceus objectives convey the drive to become the worlds, biggest and best confectionery company and also to perform better than competitors. Caduceus objective is to make all their products well known they do that by advertising through marketing communication.
The larger audience of communication is through the television as this is the primary source where it hits its mass of viewings by the public. This creates a long term image of the product boosting its sales. Academy also aims to lose diversification which is depending on a certain product for sales. They can do this by producing new products or improving product image and more attractive packaging. Another aim was to profitably secure products and then to also grow beverages this conveys that they want to sell more drinks manufactured by them. This is to sell increase shares and profit.
And to also to make sure they are up to date in technology so that the business can gain benefits. The original building was 14 acre site however when it expanded it became 81 acres. Academy is a secondary sector as it manufactures products. It’s also in the primary sector as Caduceus extract raw materials from natural resources. For example Caduceus chocolate the ingredients are obtained by the primary sector as they have to be extracted. The machines that are used to mix the ingredients together and shape the chocolate are done at the factories and this is the secondary sector.
The transportation to the shops and so interdependence because they depend on others for the production of the products for instance the Academy is dependent on farmers for the cocoa. Academy is a public limited company which means they allow shareholders from the public. The pal company is a incorporated business and is run by the board of directors. The shareholders can have a say on key issues surrounding the business. They can sell their shares on the stock exchange and also to the public. The advantage of this is that they can raise money from the capital.
If they fail they only lose out on the money they invested into the company. The disadvantages are that the business may be too big and ideas may overflow with suggestions therefore more chance of conflict between each other. The ownerships can be changed easily by other companies buying shares. However it’s harder to buy shares now because Kraft took over. But Kraft is also public limited sector but the shares are traded in America which is a disadvantage to people abroad who have an interest in the business. Local community is stakeholder of Caduceus because they are interested in how the business may affect them e. . Employment. This is also important to the business because they need to be accepted and tell hoe beneficial it is to them. For example the lorry drivers have different routes to take so that they don’t anger the community or use residential roads therefore Academy give maps of alternative roads to use. There were also issues of car parking as visitors and employees were parking. Together as a community they arranged a residents parking permit. Customers are stakeholders because they are also interested because they’re buying their products.
They are the most important because they purchase the goods. There is no business without the customers buying its products. It’s also in the tertiary sector because the public have an interest in the goods. Employees because they work hard and put input everyday into the business and give their ideas on how to make it excellent and want good pay and security. However when they acknowledged the plans for Kraft to take over they were scared thinking they will lose their Jobs. This caused many problems like decrease in profits, less productive workers.
Employees took many different actions in a bid to save their Jobs. This included protest and strikes. The amounts of Job losses were expected when the offer was through. Another argument that could arise with the owners is that they want to sell chocolate for profit. But due to this they try lots of things like cut costs, cheaper ingredients and pay staff as little as possible. However the government got involved and tried to help by reassuring that not all Jobs were going to lose. I know this because I read it on the BBC website. Http://news. BBC. Co. K/l/hi/8468540. Stem) they also asked the new owner to reassure the employees about the factory not being moved and staying where it is as it’s important because that’s where it all started. Employees are key stakeholders in the business as their performance dictates whether or not the business is successful or not. The employees have to be aware of what is happening within the business as it gives them a sense of ownership and loyalty. The management are stakeholders because they influence decisions made for the business and also how the business is run e. . Time scales. They may argue with each other over marketing methods. They can overcome this with surveys on what they think and feel. They want to make as much profit as possible and expand the business to a whole new level. Management achieve by a certain time. Employees want Job security so issues like the take over from Academy situation and also a good wage that won’t decrease over time. Other stakeholders for Caduceus are the suppliers who are interested in selling their cocoa to Academy as the goods are made by their supply e. G. Cocoa from Ghana.
They influence the business by supplying them with the important ingredient for their reduces. The suppliers could argue with Kraft who is also a shareholder about the price of cocoa and may also want an increase as the chocolate is being made because of them. They want a good relationship so that the accounts are priorities because if the company does badly they lose a customer. Another argument that could arise is between the management and health groups who feel Academy are manipulating the children. They feel that Academy is highlighting the obesity and health issues.
They can resolve this by adding fruits into the chocolate or making their snacks less fatty and use less sugar. The director/managers who are may argue with Kraft as they may want an alternative image for their product than Kraft. However they can sort it out by sampling their images and asking its consumers. There are many conflicts that could arise for example when Kraft took over Academy much local communities had disputes whether they would lose out on Jobs and due to this extent the government had to get involved. Karat’s aim is to make profit however the people that influence it are the customers.
An example of this is Caduceus chocolate that now are fair trade this could be due to the consumers emending it as they have the upper hand if Kraft took no notice they could simply stop buying their products which would mean that Kraft are losing money and their purpose in no longer intact. The organization dealt with this problem by giving the customers what they want however there would also be a little change in price. Shareholders are also a stakeholder as they influence the business and need to be told about the financial state of the company to encourage them to invest more.
If not they can sell their shares and return their investment so there won’t be enough money invested in the business. Pressure groups have a high influence on a business as it all depends on them because they can give bad publicity to Academy and also make a campaign to boycott their business which leads to loss in profit for Academy therefore they please both sides by making it fair trade. The cocoa is ordered from developing counties like Africa where child labor is common therefore this is why they have this to keep customers and suppliers happy.
This is also another aim of Academy; customer satisfaction. Another strong type of stakeholder is the employees this is because they produce the product so the quality of the product upends on the employees’ effort. This is why the Tremor basset wants the employees to be hardworking, efficient and motivated as well as reliable. If this is reached by the employees then business achieves a lot. Government have a great interest in the business because this helps with the employability rates and the gross national product. Trinity academy is a school turned in to an academy.
It transferred from holy trinity to trinity academy and it opened on 1st of September 2011. The purpose is to receive the best results possible. The amounts of employees that work for trinity are Just over 100. The academy compared to Academy is small but with all the students it is quite diminutive so therefore they’re expanding it by building a bigger money for it is funded by the government for the public. Government is an ownership as they fund the school and their purpose is to educate students. The school is in the public sector as the Jobs and students are all welcome to Join and become apart of the school.
There are many positions to be applying for as anyone can Join with the right qualifications. The reason why public sector is so popular is because it’s like giving back to society. There are many skills that are needed when going in to public Jobs. The skills needed are communication, a desire to help, time management and focus and determination. They have a chance to help others and change their lives for the best with their professionalism. The stakeholders are the local community as they are interested in sending their children there. They want their children to get a good education and get involved with the school.
It is in Tertiary sector because it has an interest from the local community to send their children there. They have the interest because it’s easier and more accessible as its coal but they also want to make sure that the school is good. This is the aim of the school to get the achievable results and improve and to get the public and local people to send their children there. The government are stakeholders as they are interested in the results and make decisions that the public may disagree with like the transformation of the school to an academy.
The public support the school by sending their children to the school and can overcome disagreements like this by talking to the head principle and reassurance by the government. Local schools provide local students a service. Offset are a stakeholder as they are interesting the in the welfare of the school and how it is improving. Moreover they may dispute with the government if they feel that the school is not up to the expectations they could choose to close it however the government may feel that it deserves a chance to improve. They can resolve this by giving it time to improve over a certain time.
They school can also have a wrong report written about them so this may mean that Offset have to re assess the school. Parents are stakeholders as they want the school to be the best for their children and get the best grades. They Judge the school through the reports by the Offset and send their children there on the basis of the schools acquisition. Tax payers are stakeholders as the school relies on the funding. Without it they have no money for school and could not open. They do this through regular payments and make sure the school has enough for equipment etc.
School cleaners are also important stakeholders as they are very much occupied with the school as they have a responsibility to clean up for the staff and students that work there. So when guests come like OFFSET they have a responsibility to make the school look appropriate and give a good impression. This helps the reputation of the school. Though if they feel they are not getting paid enough for the Job that they do they can take many actions like complain to the governors or stop working or even protest or strike. By doing this it would have a massive impact on the school as the school has a requirement to be clean and tidy.
Head teacher is another important stakeholder as he has a responsibility to make sure that everyone is doing their Job properly and also build positive relationships with parents and staff. He also has to sake sure that the students are motivated to learn and expand their knowledge. However this Job is quite stressful and alternates all the time as they are bad days have to decide whether or not to let them go. Students are also stakeholders as they influence the school as they represent the school and may disagree with the principle on either the lessons the state of school, the teachers many conflicts like that.
Students may act by striking an instance in trinity was when they changed the school into an academy parents and students disagreed with the principle. The schools aims are to get everyone learning and attending every lesson. Moreover this rule was broken as students were missing their lessons and were sat on the field refusing to listen. They resolved this by reassuring the parents and students that there only aim was to achieve better results.
Another incidence was when the term dates were changed the students disagreed but this was also resolved later with meetings with the head teacher. All stakeholders exert some influence within the school and the student’s education. For example the head teacher needs to make sure that they are controlling the school properly. But with hose entire all these stakeholders’ conflicts are very likely to rise for instance the case could be when the Trinity students found that the school was transforming into an academy there was mixed feelings and led to people reacting to this.
One of the actions taken was a strike which the children participated in to get their feelings across and try and get the school and government to change their minds and not change it into an academy. However the children were within their right to protest and get their view across however by doing this they broke the schools aim of which hat all students will be attending all lessons and learning except this wasn’t the case.

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