Different sides of Clive Linley

Which in this case makes him cold hearted and selfish human being who clearly does not have his priorities straight. This came as a big surprise to me after I had read how good of a friend he was. The book is mostly about two men who have been brought together again after their close friend dies.
The way how Clive treats his friend differences a lot from how he reacted in the situation mentioned before. In fact he is there for his friend in every situation no matter how difficult it might be. “When Vernon was laid up with a rare viral infection of the spine, Clive visited almost every day, bringing books, music, videos and champagne”(Mclean 1998:43). This is one of many examples what Clive had done for his friend, without asking anything in return. It shows that he still cares and knows how to treat people but maybe Just close ones. On the other hand, he was still palpable of arranging his best friend’s death and the other way around.
The thing is, this part of the book came as a shock. He arranged the death of his best friend. That alone says something about him. He could be a self-centered and egotistic man. After having disagreed on a subject with Vernon and Vernon not taking his advice maybe he Just could not have let it go. Or he thought he was being a good friend and ending one’s life because that was what he thought the one had wanted. In that case it would make him in some eyes loyal and committed. Clive had asked his friend to end his life if he would start to lose It.

Yes, on one condition only: that you’d do the same for me. V. “(Mclean 1998:57) Maybe In Clime’s eyes he was already losing It and he did what had to be done. In the end I think the book Is purposely ended with a mystery. It leaves a lot of questions about the characters as well. As to Clive Lintel- he Is a genius who does not let anything get In the way of his Inspirations, a person who knows how to treat his loved ones and a man who Is capable of doing terrible things either out of fury or to keep his word. Mclean, Ian. (1998). Amsterdam. Great Britain. Jonathan Cape


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