Development as an Authentic Leader

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1. What are you most deeply held values?

Write from these 4 values,

a) openness,

b) self-respect,

c) trustworthiness, and Integrity.

Where did these values come from – Position the answer from my Mother & Dad, through the early years of growing-up. What are the moments when you say to yourself, this is the real me? I live these values through out my life, I’ve live theses values all the time.

2. What does being authentic mean in your life? Generic answer; Are you more effective as a leader when you behave authentically? Answer, Yes due to my honesty, openness, and integrity (write from this position); Have you ever paid a price for your authenticity as a leader? Answer-No, people respect direct answers regarding business issues or solving conflicts.

Word limit 1000-1200

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