Develop I­Statements as a Conflict Resolution Tool

Assignment: Develop I­Statements as a Conflict Resolution Tool

For this assignment, prepare I­Statements in the form of a chart.

In one column, prepare declarative statements that demonstrate an individual escaping responsibility.

Then, in a second column, transform these statements into I­statements that demonstrate an

individual taking responsibility. When you have completed your I­Statements, prepare a two­page

reflection by detailing the insights garnered from two articles found on flexible conflict management,

conflict avoidance or conflict adjustment curtailing conflict with effective communication, and then

explain how you foresee applying I­Statements both professionally and personally. Be sure to provide

specific examples.

Length: A minimum of seven I­Statements that depict an individual escaping responsibility, and seven

I­Statements that depict an individual accepting responsibility. In addition, include your two pages of



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