develop a critical-responsive essay to one of the following topics

The subject is Linguistic for Literacy ( Literacy education 1) and the degree is Early Childhood Education birth to five !!( second year )
Develop a critical or reflective response to one of the following topics:
1)Practical Applications:applying research and theory in the literacy classroom
2)Using Children’s literature to teach visual literacy
3)Teaching students to become critical readers
4) Catering to diversity in emergent literacy learners
5)Assessing reading in emergent readers
6) Literscy as dynamic social practice
7) Multi literacies
8) Essential Approaches to teaching reading

-Accurately define the chosen topic providing an insightful and logical evaluation of the issues and a clearly articulated explanation of the way these inform curriculum and program design in literacy

– Demonstrate of wide reading in the chosen area and accurate explanation of theories of reading and literacy development relating to the chosen topic ,with text examples and correct referencing to reading from this unit .
– Logical and well -structured essay that adheres to the word limit . High level of academic English proficiency demonstrated; accurate sentence structure , grammar and logical development of idea , correct APA style .
The text book needs to be used -Developing early literacy – Susan Hill; as well as the reading that I provided written in red ! Thanks you !

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