Design Thinking and Innovation

The report should be between 3000-4000 words so if we aim for 3500 words. (I have written the 1500 so you just have to do the rest 2000) Referencing: The amount of references are not important could be 7-10 the importance is that it is valid quality references (look at the former assignments i have send you here you will get an idea, but use books, text, internet, and the Euromonitor and MarketLine) and since it is in the high tech industry then they should be no more then 5-7 years old, of course if it is about general theory then It would be ok. But see if you can use, Passport, Marketline, The Course slides from the professor and the provided texts. If some additional then it is fine for me too. The aim is to show the use of design thinking and use of the innovation model. In the report following should be used as a minimum:

1: Double Diamond

2: Innovation Model

3: SWOT Analyse

4: PESTLE Analyse

5: Porters Five Forces

Then I was thinking of use Porters Five Forces in order to Evaluate the competition since SWOT, PESTLE and Porters 5 Forces supplement each other in different areas. Copied from the professors slide what he expect as minimum: •Use all relevant parts of the course: in particular, consider 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 •Use double diamond model (slide 11) •Use innovation model (slide 12) •Use SWOT and PESTLE analysis I have attached the following materiel in order to make it simple.

1) The Course guide shows what is expected

2) The text “Apple Harvard case study” is the bacis for all this assignment and are VERY important that you read and fully understand the context! Refer to it and use the information provided in the text since it cover the timeframe we are supposed to evaluate.

3) A folder called “NEED to read to understand the task” shows notes from the professor where he directly refer to some course slides which should be used / incorporated in the assignment. And he also state some models which SHALL be used.

4) I have got 2 former reports written for the same assignment, this could help you to get a understanding of the case, but bear in mind that I don’t know the score they got and therefore some of it might be wrong.

5) I have attached one of my former reports I did in a Marketing course about LEGO, how I did the PESTLE, SWOT and other things might be useful for you.

6) All the different Course slides where you should go through and see what is appropriate to use in this assignment and then refer to it.

7) In the folder “Extra Material if needed” there you find extra reading material he gave us for the go in depth with the theory.

8) not use very complicated words, look at my level of writing and keep it like that. Of course use decent wordings. NOTE: The assignment should ONLY look at the timeperiod where Steve Jobs RETURNED to Apple and until his death in 2011. Everything before and after are irrelevant. REMEMBER: Use design thinking all the way through since he will measure on the ability. Useful Links: Apple Innovation Rules: Steve Jobs’s Secrets The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs PESTLE and SWOT:

OVERVIEW Assessment 1:

Individual assignment, report (3000-4000 words), due 30 August 2017, submit on Turnitin 11:59pm, 50% of total assessment


Individual report, 4000 words, submit on Turnitin, 50% of total assessment. A Harvard case study- “Design thinking and innovation at Apple”- needs to be analysed relevant to innovation management. Design thinking needs to be applied to the case study as part of your analysis. The Apple case describes Apple’s approach to innovation, management, and design thinking. For several years, Apple has been ranked as the most innovative company in the world, but how it has achieved such success remains mysterious because of the company’s obsession with secrecy. This note considers the ingredients of Apple’s success and its quest to develop, in the words of CEO Steve Jobs, insanely great products. NOTE: The case should only focus at the time when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 until his death.

Questions to consider:

• What are the ingredients of Apple’s success as ‘the most innovative company in the world’?

• What ‘bold business experimentation’ has Apple used in its innovation process? Can this be replicated in other companies and how? Consider factors such as the role of the CEO as chief innovator, use of design thinking, their product development strategy and execution, innovation culture among other factors.

• Why has Apple been so successful? What do you attribute it to?

• Is there a systematic ‘approach’ to innovation at Apple? If yes, how would you characterise it? Can it be imitated? If not, why not?

• If you were Steve Job’s successor, what would your priorities be to maintain and enhance innovation?

The following factors are considered in assessing the analysis of the case study, with the weighting of these criteria as follows: • 45 marks content/application of design thinking NOTE: USE design thinking throughout • 25 marks structure

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