demonstrate leadership

What National Quality standards do providing safe and healthy environments, and compliance relate to? 


2. List 4 risks you may encounter in your workplace and a strategy for each to minimise those risks 


3. Explain how you might configure a group of 12 children if 3 are unwell to limit the possibility of spreading an illness. 


4. What would you do to ensure drinks, food and equipment used as part of an experience were safe for children participating? 


5. Outline the steps involved in an assessment and rating process. 


6. Provide a list of all the documentation and records that a centre should check as part of its preparations for an assessment and rating site visit. 


7. List three (3) strategies that would assist in ensuring the continuous improvement of a centre’s operations and services? 


8. Scenario 


During a parent/staff meeting, it was agreed that there is a weakness in the behaviour guidance policies and practices implemented at the centre. In particular, there was discussion about the ongoing problems of one child’s aggressive physical outbursts and the impact this is having on other children and staff. 


a. Where could you gain support/advice in dealing with this weakness? 

b. What funding is available to support the centre and particularly the child? 

c. What types of support can be offered to the centre and staff? 


9. List 3 notifiable diseases. 

10. Explain the processes for engaging all stakeholders in both the planning and consultation stages of the Quality Improvement plan (QIP) 

11. Briefly describe 2 emerging trends in service deliver for early learning years 

12. List 3 common childhood illnesses and explain how you would respond if a child presented to your centre with them. 


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