Defense budget Critique

Estimate the Total Defense appropriation for the year 2025 and render by Congress and Signed by the President: (there should be an attachment to help with the assignment)Baseline is 50 billionmake a net single number for the budget of the Defense Department and supporting rationale and why came up with that numberMake assumption about what will occur during budgetNeeds to include if the US will be at war and what will be the amount of spending for the war budgetWill the budget go up or down?Are we focusing on more technology and cyber in the next 5 years?Will there be a war or planning for a war?Will the budget differ if a democrat or republican is in the white house? If democrat or republican has controlled of congress?The purpose of the weekly assignments is to improve your ability to critique selecteddefense reports, studies and briefings. They will help us to help you to quickly grasp the analytical foundation of any work, evaluate it, and to offer your views on it-· the key steps in critical thinking about defense analyses.Because any defense leader-or any leader, for that matter-has limited time to spend on individual issues, a good critique must be succinct and dispassionate. Thus, your critiques are limited to 500 words. Good critiques are lean, crisp and, above all, illuminating. Good critiques also stand on their own-not requiring the reader to be intimately familiar with the analysis.The following will help you get started:After reading the work, and before you begin to write, try to fit the analysis into proper context. Keep in mind the setting in which a decision maker-the analysis’s and itscritique’s consumer-will view the work.Next, identify the key assumptions that underlie The work Identify them explicitly (sometimes the author will help you), and decide the degree to which you agree or disagree to which you agree or disagree substantially with any particular assumptions, note why.Identify alternative assumptions, if appropriate and possible. Pose at least onecompetitor assumption (usually, one you’d prefer), and contrast its viability.If important facts are incorrect –especially if they influence the results of the analysis -identify and correct them. If other evidence or facts were omitted, characterize and addthem.Finally, decide whether or the author’s conclusions flow from the works logic and evidence. If not jot down why not.Political Science


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