Deconstruction Exercise

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Choose ONE of the questions offered for Deconstruction the  question  in  order  to  demonstrate  your  understanding  of  the  social  determinants  of  Indigenous  health.    ‘Deconstruction’  is  a  process  that  involves  unpacking something.  In this case, the very question becomes the focus, rather than the   answer.      We   are   interested   in   assisting   you   to   critique   the   worldviews,  philosophical  positions,  understandings  and  assumptions  underpinning  particular  6 responses to Indigenous health issues.   A critical analysis of the question must build a cogent  argument  that  examines  the  position  from  which  the  question  was  asked. The  sociological,  cultural  studies  and  critical  theory  literatures  might  give  you  some  guidance here.  Overall, you are asked to demonstrate an understanding of how the question  was  formed,  with  particular regard  to  the  factors  that  might  lead  to  such  framing  of  the  question,  as  well  as  the  question’s  relevance  to  Aboriginal  health  outcomes.  Be sure to demonstrate a strong engagement with the weekly readings.

Some tips:

Many questions people ask about Aboriginal Australia reveal more about the person asking than the intended subject of enquiry.


  1. Why is it that Aboriginal people who have ‘mixed blood’ are the ones who succeed in life?
  1. Why are all Aboriginal people lazy bums?
  1. Why don’t Aboriginal people take an interest in their own health?
  1. Can we really allow the process of decolonisation? And what are the implications for white Australia?

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