Debate over Inequality

Inequality of income and wealth has risen dramatically over the past four decades, and now stands at levels not seen since the 1920s. For this assignment, you will write an argument for what you find to be the most important cause of the increase in inequality, during the period from roughly the late-1970s to the present. To do so, you will need to weigh the importance of different explanations, and ultimately settle on an explanation or set of explanations you think is most convincing. You will likely need to discuss and weigh the merits of several of the following causes: 

1) Skill-biased technical change, 
2) rent-seeking, such as that by corporate executives and the financial sector, 
3) declining worker bargaining power 
4) increases in monopoly power/concentration of industries, 
5) changes in tax policy. 

1) Please be aware of grammar. This is an ECON class; nevertheless, the instructor is obsessed with language.
2) Please don’t use too general sentences. For example; “Inequality has been a great question for the humanity”. He never accepts such sentences
3) Please use some of the listed resources. The client has noted 9 resources, so it would be great if you at least use 4 or 5 of them.

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