Cultural Diversity Assignment

Cultural Diversity Assignment EDUC 2120
Research one cultural group from the list in class. Find out about their family structure, foods, political organization, social preference (how they interact with one another, thoughts about respects, etc.), school environment, traditions, etc. Use the questions below to guide your search(es). Submit a document including this information and how that culture is similar and different from yours to the Dropbox.  Be prepared to share in class on Thursday.

The U.S. Government defines the following ethnic groups:
African American & Africans
Asian Americans & Asians
Hispanic & Latino Americans
American Indian & Alaska Native
Pacific Islander
Other cultural groups include:
Indian (from India)
1. What are the values of the different groups within the community?
2. How do various members of each cultural group define health and illness?
3. What are some of the more common health beliefs and practices of various members of different groups in the community, both in general and with respect to the specific problem?
4. What are the predominant family structures within the community’s different cultural groups? Are they hierarchical, patriarchal, two household, single parent household, female head of household, extended, nuclear, etc.?
5. What are some of the traditional roles of different family members in these different groups, particularly where health care is concerned?
6. Who are the formal and informal leaders of the groups of community and what role do they have in the area of health education/promotion?
7. How many and which languages or dialects are spoken? Is there a common language understood by all? Is there a written language?
8. What are the formal and informal channels of communication within and between different groups?
1. What are the traditional foods and what role do these different foods play in health, religion and school activities?
2. How has the diet here in the U.S. changed over time as compared to that of the country of origin?
3. Is there access to those foods that constitute the traditional diet? If so, are they affordable and accessible to this particular community? If not, are there acceptable and affordable substitutes?
Religion and Spirituality
1. What are the different religious/spiritual practices within the different cultural groups in this community? Are they segregated from others of the same faith? Do any practice their religion in secret?
2. How is their practice of a specific religion influenced by their culture? Is it practiced differently from that of a different culture within the same faith?
3. What is the size of membership and who are they?
4. Who are the religious leaders and what is their role in the larger community?
5. Are there conflicts within or among the various religious groups?
6. What involvement do various religious groups have in the area of health education/promotion?
7. Do any of the religious beliefs or practices conflict with the philosophy of health promotion? Can these beliefs and practices somehow be incorporated into your program?
8. Be sure to add your own questions that are specific to the problem being addressed. The answers to these questions will not only give you more insight into the culture, they may help discover ways to make contact within your community.


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