Crossfield Reflection

You need to provide a 2000 word reflective account that focuses on your professional development and uses experiences from all your crossfield workbooks as evidence of that development.

It is suggested that you focus on a theme to organise your reflection and examples from previous students’ work includes the development of compassion, developing confidence in their own practice, communication and assessment skills.

The focus of the assignment is on the analysis of your development and the critical discussion of the evidence base but there does need to be enough detail of your practice to act as a basis for this critical reflection.

You should not describe four separate examples from each of the other fields of practice. The examples should be integrated into your analysis of your development.

Do not use a model of reflection as the word limit will mean you spend too much time on description and not enough on analysis; this will limit the grade you can achieve.

Do look at the marking rubric to aid you in planning your reflective account.

Also please remember that you need to:

You must cite the evidence base


You must use the Harvard Referencing method

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